Washington, DC PJ trip wrap

It’s a wrap.

I’d have to say that the DC trip was more productive than the NYC trip last spring. I think one of the biggest reasons for that is the experience that I’ve had since the NYC trip. I’ve made it out of third year alive and rocked at an editing internship at Life.com. With that working experience, I’ve been able to understand more of what everyone we meet with says. I can only learn so much in the classroom before I have to experience what I’ve been learning in a working environment. I was hoping that both this summer and this trip would help me know for sure what I want to do career wise. Of course they didn’t. I really do enjoy photo editing, but I couldn’t work in an office all week. At the same time, I need some level of order. I enjoy getting my coffee, going and sitting down, at least for a little while. That way I know what part of my morning will be like. At the same time, some of the best mornings involve waking up crazy early and going on a shoot or on some adventure.

One of the main ideas I took away from the trip was repeated multiple times by the people we met with. Editors should spend at least some time shooting. Then they understand the demands they are making of the shooters. This obviously makes sense. During the summer, I was thinking that I can just let my shooting slide because I’m just going to edit. I realize now, and I did before too, that I have to bust my butt with shooting as much as editing. Really, I need to try to push both as much as I can this year. The sports class I’m taking is part of this need to improve shooting. I know my timing sucks, and this, as well as numerous other aspects, is something that can be fixed if I become decent with sports. I’ve never been interested in sports, but photographing them is quite enjoyable.

Most people we met with also emphasized the importance of knowing multimedia/audio. I’m taking a MM 1 class now, as well as a sound recording class based in the School of Film and Animation (ie, they know their stuff).

Two final things that stuck out the most…

“NO.” Get used to it. Those two letters come with the job, and, really, with life in general. No is an easy answer. But it doesn’t make for good photos or stories. It’s also OK to fail. But don’t do it twice.

And lastly, work work work. There aren’t short cuts. I just have to do the work. Practice. Repeat. That’s the only way to get better. Now it’s time to stop asking for advice and do the work.

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