2011-09-19 Washington, DC Day 1

(09/19/2011) Linda Epstein recalls experiencing the August 23 earthquake in Washington, DC. Rochester Institute of Technology photojournalism students visit Linda Epstein, Senior Photo Editor at MCT Photo Service. The students visited Epstein on day one of a week long trip, in Washington, DC, visiting photojournalism professionals.

Monday marked the beginning of an incredible, packed week. I’m in Washington, DC this week for a photojournalism field trip with a class from RIT. We’ll be visiting a bunch of places this week. Monday we started off at the McClatchy Tribune where we met with Linda Epstein, the Senior Photo Editor at MCT Photo Service. Epstein talked about how she works with photographers. When she isn’t sending assignments to McClatchy papers, she sends freelance photographers to assignments. She was quite open to people emailing her about being a freelancer. She obviously said she wanted to see good work on their website, but she said the key test was their first assignment. This was her determining factor in using photographers again. When she has no one in a particular area, she’ll check the NPPA website. Note to self, renew that membership.

One of the special aspects of MCT is that they almost always package stories. The text and the photographers (or other visuals) match up. However, this means that photographers trying enterprise stories most likely won’t find a place for them with MCT.

I asked about her use of photo editors (a position I’m leaning toward more and more), especially with regards to big events, but she said she rarely uses outside editors because they have to learn a specific processing workflow.

We started Monday off with a bang, but it sounds like the week will just keep getting better and better.

(09/19/2011) The Lincoln Memorial is seen beyond the grounds of the reflecting pool, which is undergoing renovations.

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