2011-09-03 Granddad

I’ve been back to Rochester for close to two weeks now. Last night I drove down to Mansfield, Ohio to visit my granddad who is 92 years old. My parents met me at his house as well. I had photographed the last time I visited my granddad and made a couple decent photographs.

Driving down here I had a quiet red sliver of the moon for company, as well as the obligatory radio playing country for a while, then stopped on a Christian station for a while. Dude knew how to preach.

I arrived at my granddad’s house and my parents’ car was already there. I looked up and saw stars that were too numerous to count. Then I went inside.

Granddad was in the same spot he is always at, and Dad had already fallen asleep on another recliner; everyone else might have been sleeping as well when I arrived. We talked for a while, and Granddad told his story of eating a meal with the Amish for the dozenth time. He used to drive buses and he would sometimes drive the Amish to different places. This particular occasion was for a wedding, but he also drove them to raise barns. Granddad always speaks fondly of their meals. He’s quite precise with the details, and those details don’t seem to change too much over time. And, he hasn’t called me David in a while. He’s one of my other cousins, but Granddad would often call me his name.


Update 1: Posting (trying) this from the back porch in the middle of the country. The crickets and cicadas are so loud, I would like to turn the volume down a tad. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen this many stars. Incredible.

Update 2: WordPress was updating something and wasn’t allowing uploads last night. #bummer

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