2011-05-21 Current Portfolio

My big project for last photo class was to create a cohesive portfolio of my best work to date, not just of the quarter. The idea of the class was to examine specific weaknesses and strengthen those areas of my portfolio. I continued my story that I had worked on during the fall quarter. I had gotten much more positive feedback on this story than I had on any of the other stories I had worked on all year. Revisiting this story was a lot of fun. I ended up spending very little time shooting it this quarter, but the time I did spend was very concentrated. I was able to produce results that complemented my earlier photographs from the fall. In the end, the images came together to tell a better story than they did in the fall.


Felipe Torres is a sixteen year old who is consumed by skateboarding. He was first introduced to the sport around two years ago. He is always skateboarding, or, at the very least, he is thinking about it. Days are ruined when it is raining because he cannot go out and ride. He and his friends were recently sponsored by the local skate shop. Felipe has dreams of going pro and owning his own shop someday, but, for now, he and his small group of friends wander around Rochester finding different places to hang out and do tricks.

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5 Responses to 2011-05-21 Current Portfolio

  1. Pretty nice, there are 5 in here that I think are especially good.

  2. I’m working for LA Inc. which is the marketing arm for the city of LA. Pretty cool, I’m working on some story projects about people living in LA.

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