2011-05-14 Sneak peak

Photo by Andrea Hickerson. I’m on the far left at the iMac, Profs Snyder and Rea are in the center standing, and Prisca is in the center at the iMac.

Way too long since I’ve posted. I definitely haven’t been shooting as much this quarter as I have earlier in the year. But that’s okay. I’m really looking into mainly editing rather than solely shooting. I was a part of an experiment called Rise Above the Crowd during Imagine RIT. We had about 25 shooters and Prisca Edwards and I were editors for the day. The shooters would file their photos either in the field or in the newsroom. They would send us their selects, and we would then comb through them to pick out the best images. We worked with Professors William Snyder and Doug Rea a lot on this part. After we had selected images that were fit for publication, we would tone them and give them to the designers who were laying out the print publication. There were certainly tense moments throughout the day because a lot of things went wrong, but, at the end of the day, it was quite a rewarding experience.

I actually left feeling refreshed (And maybe still a little hungry. I only left the windowless room twice to go to the bathroom, so I had to enjoy the beautiful day vicariously through everyone’s images.) and went downtown to shoot my story. I photographed both that Saturday and Sunday. Here’s a sneak peak. I’ll put more up after crit on Tuesday.

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