04/01/2011–PJ Went to NYC

(3/31/2011) Robert Elder talks with RIT photojournalism students. Mr. Elder sponsors a scholarship available to one freshman photography student every year.

It’s a wrap.

We finished the week talking with Robert Elder, who sponsors a freshman scholarship for photography students at RIT. His work largely focuses on the street at night as well as nightclubs. He shoots almost everything on the street at waist level, which totally blew me away.

I then had an interview with Life.com for their summer internship program. It was great talking with Liz Ronk about Life.com and the projects interns get to work. There’s a lot of going through old work which would be fascinating to do.

There has been so much to take away from this week. We had so many great meetings with people in the photo industry. While we had to do these blog posts for class, I’m very glad we had to do them. For me, if something isn’t written down, it doesn’t exist after several days. These posts have helped me remember and process some of the many things I’ve learned on this trip.

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2 Responses to 04/01/2011–PJ Went to NYC

  1. He’s a cool guy, I went out that night to shoot. He got some great photos, but I learned a lot of techniques to get natural reactions from people without them realizing I’m taking their pictures.

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