3/31/2011–PJ Goes to NYC

(3/31/2011) Kira Pollack talks to RIT students about TIME Magazine at the TIME offices in New York City. Pollack, the Director of Photography for TIME, spent time with the third year RIT photojournalism students who were in New York City for a week to meet with people in the photographic industry.

I cannot believe we are almost done with our week in NYC. It’s gone by fast, but we have done and seen so much.

Today we went to see TIME and Sports Illustrated.

At TIME, we met with Kira Pollack, DOP, and Patrick Witty, International Picture Editor. Ms. Pollack talked about how they do a lot of work under pressure. And new things frequently pop up. For instance, they were working on a cover about Libya, but Elizabeth Taylor died the same week. They needed to cover Taylor’s death, but how would that combination be successful on the cover page? This is just one of the many things they have to work through. They said that it was important for photographers to have a style and a point of view. These were also critical traits for editors to have. As an editor, you must be smart, be in tune, and care about what is going on. They see an editor as someone who helps the photographer problem solve. It’s necessary to be able to convince people to do things (or to let you do things) that they don’t necessarily want to do.

We wrapped the day up Steve Fine at Sports Illustrated. He showed us some of the projects they have been working on, like Front Row, a mobile app. Everything is preparation. Scouting and thinking far in advance is critical for the work that SI photographers produce. Photographers must stand on the shoulders of those who went before them. Instead of just competing with others, you should compete with yourself. Most SI photographs fall into the following categories: sense of place, tears & cheers, and finally peak action.

Finally off to bed… We are supposed to be meeting with more people in the morning, but I don’t know who yet..

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