03/29/2011–PJ Goes to NYC

(03/29/2011) Brian Storm (R) talks with students from RIT's photojournalism program at MediaStorm.

(03/29/2011) Brian Storm (R) talks with students from RIT's photojournalism program at MediaStorm.

Today was yet another packed day of meeting great professionals.

We started the day off at VII, and learned a lot more about them from Alina Grosman. It was fascinating learning a little bit about the group’s dynamics and where they have come from.

After that, we headed on over to MediaStorm. MediaStorm was incredible. It is hard to believe that they put out such high quality work with so few employees. Meeting Brian Storm and having him show us around was great. I liked a lot of things about MediaStorm. They want their work to have a lasting impact. They don’t go to where the news is currently happening, though they may work with people who go back later and work with the aftereffects. I could really see myself working with others to create a piece that people actually see and maybe even care about. I have no interest in being a part of the constant news cycle, where something that is just hours old is just that…old. I want to work with people to create something better than what they started out with, or just to help their work have an impact.

The final group we went to for today was Getty images. Getty seemed like a huge switch coming from MediaStorm. I love some of the images that come out of Getty, but their photographers are working under constant deadlines. I believe it was Pancho Bernasconi who said that every minute is a deadline because of the Internet. What Getty’s photographers and editors do is fascinating, but it isn’t something that seems personally appealing.

After a long walk to the 5th Ave. Apple store and a slice of vegan pizza, I headed to the Bubble Lounge for the Eddie Adams Workshop Event of photography and music. One of my weaknesses is just striking up a conversation with people that I don’t know. I can do it when I’m photographing, but I find it more difficult in social situations. My professor William introduced me to Mark Ovaska, who made sure that I met a bunch of people tonight. It was great getting to meet a whole bunch of people who are all involved in photography in different ways. Their advice and conversation was very much welcomed.

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